Will you provide residential/shelter services (overnight accommodations) for individuals who are or have been involved in prostitution (exploitation) or victims of trafficking? Yes

Will your residential services be offered to both foreign and domestic minors? Both (provided that the foreign victim is being trafficked within the borders of the US)

Will your residential services be offered exclusively to trafficking victims or will you take other populations as well (e.g., domestic violence, runaway youth) Trafficking Only (Female Minors)

What will be the capacity of the residential program? Our Safe House comfortably accommodates five girls. In terms of services, we will provide all fundamental needs (safety, shelter, clothing and food), emergency response, as well as catering to a wide array of educational, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs (optional) by means of individual therapy, group therapy, tutoring and the like.

How long will residents be able to stay? As long as is necessary, but preferably with a target of 6-9 months. We will work diligently with other resource providers so that our girls may ‘graduate’ or transition to a more long term care program/facility that can still adequately cater to their needs. This is all contingent upon on the individual. As per renowned Sociologist, Richard Estes, “This is not a quick-fix situation……It really is a rebuilding and remolding of personality and character.”

What is the age range of the residents you will take in your residential program? 12-17

Will you accept male victims, female victims, or both? Female minors only

Will your residential program be secure/ safe?  If yes, how will you ensure safety? In addition to our state of the art alarm and surveillance system, which includes a police, fire and medical alarm; window and door sensors have been placed on ALL entry/exit points. Additionally the property is gated, and the local Sherriff’s office uses part of our ten acres to train their dogs, reinforcing a strong law enforcement presence. We will always have well trained staff on the premises that will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What services will you offer at the residential program? In addition to the services listed in question # 7, we will also offer art and music therapy/recreation, as well as sports therapy/recreation, career and college guidance. It is also important to note that individual therapy will be highly specialized based on the trauma the individual has experienced, as well as their respective needs for rehabilitation and restoration. We also hope to incorporate the My Life, My Choice curriculum

What are your sources of funding for the residential program? Privately Funded and Government Subsidized

What geographical area will the residential program serve? The United States, predominantly the State of FL

How do you anticipate you will get referrals to your residential program? DCF, CPS and Law Enforcement

Will you offer aftercare (e.g., services after leaving the residential program)? If yes, explain. Absolutely!! The girls will ALWAYS be welcome to come ‘home’ (contingent upon successful completion/discharge from our Program) and can join in group therapy sessions if appropriate. Our hope is that they will be so well rehabilitated that they can become a pivotal part of our program and assist us with new girls.

How many staff will be employed in the residential program? 6-8

What initial and ongoing training will be offered to staff of the residential program? All staff will undergo the most up to date training, and will continue to do so as new information/best practices are made available. Currently our training involves the Kristi House CSEC Curriculum, the Children’s Advocacy Center; Darkness to Light Program, as well as a host of other trainings made available via law enforcement, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, DJJ and Shared Hope International.