Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to fighting for women and children who have been victims of the depraved injustice of sexual abuse, with a prevailing emphasis on the abolition of the domestic sex trafficking of minors. Through strong community alliances and public awareness education, we will strive to replace devastation with restoration, oppression with freedom, and despair with great hopefulness. For us, this means far more than assisting with the provision of fundamental needs, but rather equipping and empowering these individuals to build strong foundations for their futures by creating real and lasting change.

Our Vision

To profoundly impact public awareness and call to action on the prevalence and heinousness of the sex industry trade, and to ultimately put and abrupt end to it. To vindicate each individual from the atrocities they have experienced so that they may be described as victors, and not simply victims; who can press forward with great purpose and walk in the fullness of the love and joy they were created for.

Our Core Values

Above all, we consider it an absolute privilege to be able to positively contribute to the lives of others, and are guided by the following values and defining principles:

Isaiah 61:1-3
Unconditional Commitment to the Cause
Unprecedented Obligation to both Excellence and Integrity
Utmost Respect for all Persons
Dedication to the Development of Effective Mentoring
Relationships and Life Skills Education
Consistent Focus on Forging Strong Community